Which days do you deliver? 

At this stage, FLOWERET CO. only delivers bunches on Friday's. 

Where do you deliver? 

We deliver Singapore wide! 

How much is delivery? 

Delivery is free. 

Can I choose the types of flowers?

Sorry, but we provide only one style of bunch per day. We will post a photo of 'Friday's Bunch' each morning before 11am so that you know exactly what you'll be ordering. 

Are the bunches always the same price? 

Yes, the bunches will be $65 including delivery every day. 

What happens if nobody is home to receive the flowers? 

Due to Singapore's hot and humid climate, we will leave the flowers sitting in a jar of fresh water at the front door to keep them happy until someone gets home. We will do our best to find a cool and shady spot!

Can I order a bunch of flowers to be delivered at a later date? 

Yes. You can order a bunch to be delivered a week in advance. 

How do you keep the flowers fresh in the Singapore heat? 

FLOWERET CO. always chooses the freshest flowers from the market each morning. We don't hold stock which means they are being stored for as little time as possible, giving you maximum enjoyment from your beautiful blooms! 

We transport all of our bunches in water, and also stand the stems in a jar of fresh water should we need to leave them at the front door. Keeping the flowers in water through the entire delivery process will give them the best chance of longevity. 

How should I look after my flowers at home? 

We keep our stems long so that you can cut them down to suit your own vase size. You may even like to split your blooms up and place them in to many different vases around the home. Firstly, you should remove any greenery from the bottom of the stems that will be submerged in the water to keep the water clear. 

Using a sharp knife or scissors, cut your stems on a 45 degree angle. Doing this underwater will help prevent extra air from going into the stems. It’s a good idea to trim a bit from the stems each day or every other day to help the flowers receive a steady flow of nutrients and water.

Always use a sparkling clean vase that has been washed in hot, soapy water and rinsed well. This will help remove any microorganisms. 

What happens if I buy a subscription package to be delivered weekly but I decide to go away on holiday? 

Please email us with any concerns and we will pause your subscription package until you are back home.